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Links to HNN715
Nordic Study Guide

This page support Unit 715 in the Joint Masters programme.


The unit explores the nature of the caring relationship using a variety of methods to assist students in self-awareness exploration. This is a site where all students enrolled in the subject can talk with each other and with the lecturers about the subject. The Unit is supported by a Yahoo group, a collaborative tool, and it is not open to the public, so the students can discuss their work without anyone else 'listening in'.

This unit provides an exploration of culturally based concepts connected to myths, heroes and nurse leaders of the past, and focuses on the actions of some contemporary nurse leaders. This is followed by an explication of leadership theories and the relations of power assumed within them. Formal and informal processes and structures of authority in contemporary nursing practice are explored. Students will be expected to reflect upon structures of practice and examine the management of change. Issues of leadership associated with conflict between professional/bureaucratic values and democratic/ authoritative processes are discussed.

The Nordic dimension on the Unit is to explore contemporary cenditions for leadership in Nursing under influence of IT.


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